By Renee S.

I thought I’d share a bit about my chosen Detroit Collective with you all…

I chose to shadow the Market Studio Kitchen during the semester. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time spent at the studio thus far, and would like to add that Leon and Megan– along with the rest of their crew–have been a delight to work with!

–  –  –

(taken from their facebook page:)

Their mission: To restore grace and health to the tables of Detroit by connecting communities to food, art and culture through education.

Description: Market Studio Kitchen is a year-round art and food ecologies lab, and workshop, teaching and experimenting with a range of communities in Detroit, including schools and continuing education participants, centered in the Eastern Market. The school will also feature an annual Summer Intensive, Detroit Emergent Futures Lab, pairing students and scholars from around the world with Detroit communities. The home space will be centered in a professional kitchen – all meals, experiments, and classes will unfold onsite, sourced from the Eastern Market and urban gardens. MSK + DEFL will have a publishing partner, Megan O’ Connell, for rapid production of artist books, research and special projects.

The official website: marketstudio-emergentlab.org/


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